Quick FAQs for Prospective Members, Realtors, Appraisers and Financiers 

How many units are in the community?

Answer: 324

How many buildings and phases are there in the community?

Answer: 27

How many stories do the buildings have?

Answer: 3

Is water included in the condo fee?

Answer: No

What are the amenities?

Answer: Pool and Fitness Center.

How many reserved parking spaces are assigned to each unit?

Answer: 1 (One)

Is there a Utility Company involved with the units?

Answer: Yes. See Utilities/Mail section below.

Condo/Association Information

What does my condo fee pay for?

Answer: Budget Informaion (pdf)

When are condo fees due?

Answer: On the 1st day of each month

What happens when my condo fee is late?

Answer: According to the Collections Policy  (pdf), if assessments are not received by the 10th, a collection letter will be generated, adding a $10 charge to your account. If payment is still not received by the 15th, a $15 late charge will be added to your account (please note that these charges may be amended from time to time in accordance with the management contract). If not received by the end of the month, the delinquent account will be turned over to the Association’s attorney for collection adding an additional $50 to your account.

I’m selling my unit. What do I need to do?

Answer: By law, the seller is obligated to provide a disclosure package (resale package) to the purchaser no later than 10 days prior to settlement. See next question.

How do I get a Resale Package?

Answer: Welcome Link does the resale packages and condo questionnaires.

How do I get a Condo Questionnaire completed?

Answer: Welcome Link does the resale packages and condo questionnaires.

Can I make an alteration to my unit, patio, deck or yard?

Answer: Any alteration requires prior written approval from the Board of Directors. You may download, print and complete the Architectural Review Board Application (PDF)required  and either mail or email it to the Management Company. DO NOT PROCEED WITH ANY CHANGE PRIOR TO RECEIVING WRITTEN APPROVAL. If you have any questions, contact the Management Company.

Can I put up a satellite dish?

Answer: In accordance with the 1996 Telecommunications Act, in condominiums, a small satellite dish may only be installed on an exclusive use area (i.e. Limited Common Element). The original 17 buildings in the community have patios and decks that are designated on the plats as Limited Common Elements. Those units may install a dish within the confines of their patio or deck. The dish must not be attached to the siding. The townhouses have no Limited Common Elements. The fence, however, is deemed part of the Unit; therefore, the dish may be attached to the fence. It must, however, be attached in such a way that the dish remains in the confines of the yard but not obstruct any of the yard which is a General Common Element.

Can I install a storm door?

Answer: Only after architectural approval. For specific information about storm doors Click Here pdf).

What is the pond behind Ironstone Court?

Answer: It is a storm water management facility and is required to remain that way. The pond is not for recreational purposes

Who is Nate Smith and how do I get in contact with him?

Answer: Nate is a Location Maintenance Employee. He has worked for the Association since 1994. You can get in touch with him through the Management Company.

What does Nate Smith do?

Answer: His duties are too numerous to list in their entirety but include such things as cleaning of the common hallways in the 17 original buildings, cleaning around the dumpster areas and grounds, calling in building maintenance problems as soon as they occur, checking the lights and fire panels in the original 17 buildings, watering of the grounds (when time permits), cleaning the Fitness Center and checking the equipment for obvious repairs, annual cleaning of the siding in the common hallway buildings, repairing locks of common hallway doors, giving access to the utility rooms for cable and telephone companies, etc.

Do I have termite coverage and how do I get a termite certificate for resale or refinancing?

Answer: All units are covered under the Association’s termite contract with Economy Pest Control, Inc. If you suspect that your unit has termite damage, please contact Economy Pest at 410-266-6611 or 301-261-8388. They will also provide a termite certificate for resale or refinancing, but there will be a charge to the unit owner for doing so.


Maintenance Issues

Water/rain is coming through the ceiling or other maintenance issues. What do I do?

Answer: Call the Management Company at 410-721-7171. After hours, emergencies are handled by calling 1-407-646-9674

Who is responsible for the cleaning of the gutters?

Answer: The Association. Contact the Management Company to report any problems.
Insurance Policy

What does the Master Insurance Policy cover?

Answer: In the event of a covered loss, it covers the entire building, as originally constructed. It does not cover upgrades, personal belongings or relocation, if the unit is uninhabitable.

Do I need insurance or is the Master Policy all I need?

Answer: Yes, you need a Condo Owner’s Policy. Such a policy should include some building coverage, coverage for your belongings, liability coverage, etc. Check with your insurance agent. Insurance Information (pdf)

Who is responsible for the Master Policy Deductible?

Answer: Take a look at the Master Policy Deductible Reminder.

My mortgage company needs a certificate (proof) of insurance. How do I get one?

Answer: Contact Dolan Jablonski of The Oak Insurance Group by email: dolan@theoakinsurancegroup.com or telephone: 404-981-1519



Who do I call to get a new lock on my mailbox?

Answer: Contact the Eastport Post Office, 1031 Bay Ridge Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403,
410-267-7051 or 1-800-275-8777.

What is CLT Utilities, Inc.?

Answer: This is the company to which the townhouses (30-60 Amberstone Ct., 50 Hearthstone Ct. and 10-50 Ironstone Ct.) pay their Sewer and Water Facility Charges. The annual fee is $450. You can find more information here.

What is System Utility Company, Inc.?

Answer: This is the company to which the original buildings (10-50 Greystone Ct., 10-40 Hearthstone Ct., 10-60 Sandstone Ct. and 10-20 Amberstone Ct.) pay their Sewer and Water Facility Charges. The annual fee is $325. You can find more information here.

How does the telephone or cable company get into the utility room?

Answer: Make arrangements with the Management Company as soon as you make your appointment with either of these companies. If you see Nate Smith, the on-site person, you can arrange it with him. We cannot guarantee that the room will be unlocked unless you give the Management Company prior notification.

Who is the cable company?

Answer: Comcast, 410-268-7551 or Verizon, 1-800-837-4966.


Assessment Charges

What are the Sewer and Water Facility Charges for?

Answer: City of Annapolis previously installed the sewer and water lines in subdivisions located in the City and then assessed a “Front Foot Benefit Charge” against each lot to recoup the cost of construction over a period of years. However, the City no longer installs these facilities in new subdivisions and requires the Developer/Builder to arrange for the construction of the necessary facilities, with the costs to be recouped over a number of years, similar to the City system.

Doesn’t my water bill cover this?

Answer: No, your quarterly water bill pays for water and sewer usage and is imposed by the City of Annapolis based on the amount of water it supplies you (and the volume of sewage it processes). If the City had constructed the facilities at Annapolis Overlook, you would still have to pay both a water bill and a facilities assessment.

Is it legal? Why wasn’t I told about it?

Answer: Yes, it is a legal and enforceable charge, just like your condominium assessment. You were notified about the charges in the Contract of Sale when you purchased your unit.

Who is responsible for the charges?

Answer: You, as the owner of your unit, are responsible for paying the charges. Your bank or mortgage company may have established an escrow account for the charges just as it did for your real property taxes. You should check on this and, if an escrow was established, forward the bill to your lender with a request that it be paid from your escrow account. Remember, however, that as the owner of the property, you are ultimately responsible for payment of the charges, not your lender.

What happens if I don’t pay the charges?

Answer: Late fees, interest and other collection charges may be imposed. Your account may be accelerated and the entire amount through the 33rd year may become due and payable. If not paid within 30 days of billing, Your account will be turned over to an attorney for collection. A lien will then be filed against your unit. A lawsuit will be filed and a judgment obtained resulting in the garnishment of your bank accounts and/or wages.

Don’t I already pay an annual assessment to the City of Annapolis?

Answer: Yes, that is a front foot assessment charged by the City of Annapolis for the hookup to the City’s Water/Sewer system.



Where do I put my trash and when does trash get picked up?

Answer: There are dumpster locations in all of the courts. Trash is picked up three (3) times per week (M-W-F).

Do we have recycling?

Answer: Yes. The Recycling Center is located across from the pool. There are two (2) large dumpsters into which you may put all of your recycling. It is no longer necessary to separate your recyclables, therefore, you may place all of your co-mingled paper, glass, plastic and metal items into these dumpsters in accordance with the recycling flyer on this site. Please do not place anything else in these containers. EVERY TIME THE CONTAINERS ARE CONTAMINATED WITH REGULAR TRASH, THE ENTIRE LOAD MUST BE DUMPED AS REGULAR TRASH AND NOT DISPOSED OF AT THE RECYCLING PLANT. THIS INCURS EXTRA CHARGES FOR THE ASSOCIATION.

What is the security code for my building?

Answer: Contact the Management Company. For security reasons, we cannot publish that information on this website.

How do I obtain access to the Fitness Center and Pool (during the pool season)?

Answer: Both of these facilities require a key card for access. Only one (1) key card is provided for each unit. Replacement key cards cost $75. There must be a zero balance on the account of the unit and a current vehicle registration must be on file with the Association. In the case of a rental unit, there must also be a lease on file with the Management Company. Contact the Management Company if you have any questions.


Who is the towing company?

NCR Towing & Recovery
8191 Ritchie Hwy,
Pasadena, MD 21122
Phone: 410-544-9105Lot is located off of Defense Hwy behind State Emission Station.

What can I find the parking rules?

Answer: See Annapolis Overlook Parking Policy (pdf).

I lost my parking passes or never received any. How do I get them?

Answer: Contact the Management Company. The Vehicle Registration (pdf) must be completed before any new passes are issued. You may complete the form online on this website. It must be completed in its entirety. If you have lost your passes, the cost to replace them is $75 each. New owners who may not have received their passes from the previous owner, may request 2, at no cost. Tenants, who did not receive any passes from their landlord, must obtain them through the landlord.

For Resale or Refinance

If you are a title company, closing agent or mortgage holder needing documents, forms or certificates to facilitate the sale of a property in an association managed by Sentry, you can order those online. We have partnered with an outside vendor to provide you with turn-key documents.

Our vendor makes every effort to process your resale and lending information as quickly as possible, but it is best to order these documents as early as possible. To order documents, including mortgage questionnaire, estoppel, resale demand and trustee letters, please click the link below and complete the appropriate forms.


Homeowners can also access their association documents by accessing their CommunityPro account.